4 JANUARY - 2017 POST # 2 - SNOW-FEA !!

Up at 0600 twilight, opened the main hatch to this !

                 12" of snow in the harbor . . . and still snowing!  at 28 degrees, pictures down below.

So fea has become Snow fea,   WTF ?
                                                                 here are some images of before-dawn
my on-deck ballast drums
starboard 1/4

                       anchor and foredeck
Starboard bow view
up on the flying bridge, things were really ugly, the amount of weight was even of course, but pushing our water line higher than comfortable, so I began a sweep-down to lighten the load.

After the sun came up, here are some more images:
starboard view from our berthing

port view from our berthing

port-side salon view

                                                                view from our fantail, finally even the ducks came out to swim in  the mush in the harbor, and the snow quit at 33 degrees....  the 500 foot dock was a walk-to-take though, and, it never got above 35 all day long, so at 1800 and dark again, we are really cold soaked heading into the 20 to 23 degree lows these next two nights.

I stole some extra 30 amp electric from the next dock box to run more heaters (goodwill sourced), the idea of 100 amp 120 volt is looking better and better, and has been added to the "must do" list, the 30 amp electrical system cannot yield enough to run a lifestyle !

This is like mooring in Vancouver BC, or Dutch Harbor !!!