THREE MONTH'S ABOARD !!!!  not something to be taken lightly, with 5 kitties and a dog, plus two seniors.  

No reversing these ... , removing the fwd head (replacing it with the aft head), installing the new hot water heater, removing the engine driven cabin heater, overhauling the the aft shower pump, and removing the unwanted salt water pumps, remove the AC/DC reefer and reinstall a "real" reefer ment for food.

Ordered the bilge paint today, and am about ready to begin cleaning bilges… decided to swap berthing areas and move it all to the V bunk . . then, remove the aft bunk to convert the area to a cat box area, a work bench, tool box area and tool storage .. and .. install the new combo washer dryer and a folding table where the old bed "was'.

Turned the original mattress over and found it to be moldy (after being inside the plastic bag-cover since we moved aboard ... shit canned it (a Sealy Posturepedic gold star 1500 dollar mattress), removed the AC/DC reefer today to install a regular full sized household unit tomorrow, ordered a new "will fit" tool box to be able to sort down and sell my roll away, and move more weight aft, (plus get rid of the warehouse payment).

So, tonite we are mattress-less, have the entire boat torn to shreds, and, are not happy boaters. I am sleeping on a 4 foot hard armed settee, an'ya is on pillows on the hard plywood, the mattress is out on the fantail. This sort of thing was "fun" we we were 30, we ordered in a new mattress, but it will not be here until next week (free delivery and haul-away - onto So fea ! this will be a hoot !), in the process . . . we decided to make some drastic changes.

The aft-cabin berthing is being removed and converted to a washer/dryer/cat box/workbench/tool area behind shoji doors, and the V bunk that now does all of that, will become the berthing area with the new mattress. sounds simple huh ? no so Marie, ever try to fold a mattress in 1/2 ?

Got the new Splendide combo washer-dryer unit in from Italy to install back aft, brought down the new tool box for So fea and can now begin the final re-sorting of the warehouse stuff....