First post of 2017 !!!   There are 99 posts from 2016 listed as well///

Finished the two water systems today, except for removing the old hot water heater assembly from the boat, the dock water was shut off thursday for the upcoming freeze encounter, so a pressure test was not done at dockside pressure (only at the 30 psi ships pump pressure)

Now it is onto the re install of the now-modified old scrapped oven/broiler.... ahem.... the new 250 dollar fancy ass  SS oven/broiler simply is not up to our needs, and is a uncleanable piece of scrap, so, back in with the old, out with the new (but modified heavily with a rewire and change of design) ---adding in the new induction cooktop and removing the serpentine burners. discovered this oven has a rottiserie in it as well !

The first project I wanted to take on was removing this refrigerator.... that may be next... now finally, over two months later. Began removing the aft head assembly, and all of the related plumbing/electrical.... will put the MSD dumpable porta-potty setup in there for legal "in port" use, and swap out the mis-installed forward head with this one (for at-sea use), all of this cleans up the engine room as well, by removing unneeded stuff.

put a 90 day count-down calendar on the reefer, to keep track of the 90 days left til sailing....