Last post of 2016 !!!

Bored the hull hole for the dock water connector today, and mounted the base, now starts the fun of running the new water lines and valves and doing the HW heater connecting.....

  Tomorrow is our two month anniversary of moving aboard.... 
the surprise is . . . how our changes have evolved the end-design, and how different we ended up from our original plan (going in), we really missed this one !

We have spent more $ than planned due to correcting earlier repairs done by others that simply were not acceptable  - lots of them !  it is now almost comical that we had anticipated a quick-fix, and heading off to Florence before winter hit.

So, we have had to accept the winter sea conditions, and,  resolve ourselves to a long repair refit (get ready) situation in order to have the confidence in-and the familiarity of- this boat, it now appears like we will fully use and need all of the next three months (that's through March !) here in Windy Cove, G Dock, Winchester to finish ! 

The list is now reduced to a point where the end can be seen... but, we do have a bottom inspection job to do, and all of the items left, are "big" projects now.

These aggravating trouble shooting things are behind us, everything has been identified, but, the remainder is still a lot of work and a lot of money..... still on target to be sea worthy by 1 April though, and it looks doable.