Pearl Harbor Day

frozen dock, frozen boat, frozen windows, and frozen wifi !

34 degrees my ass. water doesn't freeze at 34 degrees ! I follow like five weather channels, all are always "not" what we get. Here along the Central Oregon Coast it will freeze rarely, but it "usually" hovers overnight in December/January/February around 34-36 degrees . . .   the wind chill however (due to wind/rain) can go to around 20-feel-like degrees easily.... (which is where we were last night).

Our mysterious wifi signal from Linksys must be some house to garage outdoor repeater leaking the signal in our direction.... when it frosted over it quit.  warmed up, and returned.

We checked email at the restaurant, and generally were too cold to work online anyway, so, we are sorta' rethinking the heat source, after deciding that electric restricts us too much to be valid these three months.... propane is out due to gassing yourself, the agony of hauling refilling hooking up, toting, plus the water vapors from combustion.  who wouldn want a wood stove aboard a boat ? who would want a wood stove at all ?

So, time to revisit pellet, the heat pump idea also eats electric... and with 30 amps input, that must be consideredeven with almost a 2 to 1 increase in heat for the amps.....(over resistance electric heaters).