Did a major shopping, not going back out there at least for a week !

Shortest day of the year today, and another sneak cold night, 28 last night maybe going colder tonight, all day had blustery east-winds like off an iceberg . . .  damn' cold ! only a sunny high of 45 degrees, it is 29 degrees at 2130 already, and still windy.

Got an'ya into the engine room today, to do a "small person" access job aft of the starboard engine, pulling a wire through and feeding it up through the overhead to me and the new HW heater... pretty new territory for her, I simply could not get my gimped up arthritic shoulders to work in that space, so, called for help... a very tight squeeze....

Ordered the new (crazy patterned) galley formica today,

Tomorrow ought to be the last of the corrections-day for cattails, only had like six small things arise today, so tomorrow should end it ... git 'er gone !!