On a cold 29 degree 0530 clear sky morning, barely above the horizon-directly behind us across the bay, a full (super) moon of unbelievable/once in a lifetime description. cold  cold  cold, stayed indoors all day and finished cattails (except for two not-in-hand comments that are simple paste-ind..... whew ! and whew !

Persisted on my small stove search until it took me to China, the 350.00 stove will cost 450.00 to ship !

it is a 24 inch high 14 inch by 18 inch full pellet stove, just small . . .  for asian homes, which are like 1 1/2 car  garage, (like So fea)

Worked cattails all day, but made a few dock runs to m t the van and do trash, hung the desk light and redesigned a coat area, sourced pellet stoves for the old coat area, and reconcluded the validity of pellet heat.

Should have this last website edition outta here over this week end . . . never to look back. the new staff will rape it, and it will fail, but, I (we) are done.