Going for two months of snoop-repair-replace . . . then we are also wotking very hard to clean up ALL of old stuff (Oakridge, bills, car repairs, sorting down, and getting it ALL behind us for 2017), so with it all, a pretty busy time . . . and one of rebirth. Back to cattails  (the September 15th Edition) that we never put out . . . it is the absolute "last" remnant of the old.... once done, we are through with that era as well, and indeed fully retired, forgotten about, and obscure.

Got the ten single pages done today and the tribute 8 pager, will start on the 50 pages of poetry tomorrow, another five or so days of agony before I can up it online and be done. Where the society goes from here is a good question, no one NO ONE will webmaster it for free... after some 15 years of doing code and websites (for gratis) I know why.

Going to 32 degrees Tuesday night . . .  that's as cold as it gets here, and it will be  good test for how we keep warm, normal winter-time low here is 35 degrees, and the summer high is 70. I held of on buying a heat source or  air conditioner,  until we see about all of this new climate first-hand.

Got the ballast drums on the fantail today, and will see how that works out after cattails is gnne, the vinyl flooring should be in tomorrow----requiring another Eugene run. also, back onto the cantenna for wifi, will get it reloaded for signal seeking here (piss poor as is) , again, after cattails.