STOCKHOLM SYNDROME POST # 4, 25 August, 2016

You "are" familiar with "Stockholm Syndrome" right ? You should be, you have had it your entire life !

The actual definition is: "feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor", but lets ponder and rearrange that concept a little.

In this version, you are still the hostage (and have been all of your adult life), but, the kidnapper/hostage-taker is not a person though . . . it is your "baggage", family ties, furniture, cars/trucks, toys, clothing, lifestyle, social responsibilities, appearances, position, ego, and a life-times indoctrination of hubris !

You are being held hostage (made a captive) by everything we were taught that is "normal"-"expected"-"traditional"-"supposed to be, and accepted". but, you love it, er, "think" you love it (the concept of being hostage).

This is a brain-wash that began on the nipple, and no one should expect a break-out to be easy . . . even "seeing" it, is beyond almost everyone. it is "Stockholm Syndrome" !

Lets look deeper . . . "most" people live around their extended family, this is particularly true amongst ethnics (where usually three generations (50-75 people) live in the same neighborhood-or at least the same city . . . go ahead, "try" to move out . . .

Living in the same house you were born in ? how about leaving home for College 1,500 miles away, or losing it all to a fire, or, getting a divorce, joining the military. Anytime you lose-it-all the pangs run deep . . . because you are a prisoner to material "and" familial things.

There is a HUGE difference in adding to your collection by "buying" a boat . . . but the dynamics of "LIVING ABOARD" a boat and not having all of the other trappings, is quite different... you are no longer tied to Real Estate, furniture, and all of the accompaniments, this means the bond between hostage and captor is broken-vaporized-gone . . . . you are free and on your own.

Can your psyche handle it ? the fire-watch tower forest ranger, the lighthouse keeper, (full timers) and seamen had the same to deal with, ultimately separation becomes "its" own captor, and then holds you captive (away from society, family, and earthly possessive things) and you love it. Then, there is no turning back, the haunting follows you.