53 DAYS IN POST # 5, 26 AUGUST 2016

We have pretty much circled the nets, and are about ready to purse this up, as of yesterday. . . back on 15 August we did a crazy sales contract of 10% cash down on So fea, with a 90 day non-refundable closing clause, yesterday (25 August day 80) we sold our home on Craigslist ! and got many dollars closer to paying the boat off completely (avoiding financing, haul-out, inspection/survey costs, time, and possible "phantom findings" and bogus repair lists expected from unknown surveyors.)

We opened our second Living Estate sale today, and mid-day a dealer simply bulk-purchased it all !

So we now have (almost) all of our boat-purchase monies captive . . . not "in-hand". . . but captive, some 79 days before the contract deadline.

And, we did so without involving Brokers/Real Estate agents and all of the leeches normally involved in real estate sales transactions.
Bridge helm view in Winchester Bay, August 2016